We are thrilled to announce an exciting update that will revolutionize your learning journey with Monic.ai!

Learn about Monic.ai's most recent version, which introduces a token-based approach to improve educational opportunities. Examine translation services, AI-generated evaluations, inclusive pricing tiers, and YouTube video processing. For transformative learning experiences, follow the transparent usage of tokens and become a part of the Monic.ai community.

Feb 3, 2024

We are thrilled to announce an exciting update that will revolutionize your learning journey with Monic.ai!

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Our brand-new token-based system is here to deliver more value, transparency, and a range of incredible features. Whether you're a dedicated learner or a knowledge seeker, this system is designed to take your Monic.ai experience to new heights.
With the introduction of our token-based system, we have listened closely to the feedback of our users and identified the need for a more accurate and transparent way to calculate the cost of processing and generation. This upgrade allows us to do just that, while also offering a host of additional benefits and exciting features.
Let's dive into the details of what this new system brings:

We are excited to announce that with this new token-based system, we are making features accessible across all pricing tiers.

Our goal is to ensure that every user can leverage the full capabilities of Monic.ai, regardless of their subscription level. By offering an inclusive and exciting learning experience for all, we are committed to empowering every learner on their journey.
  1. Monic Basic: Unlocking Learning Potential
      • Kickstart your learning adventure with a one-time allocation of 2500 tokens, completely free of charge.
      • Explore the power of AI-generated assessments and summaries across various file formats.
      • Access Basic translations in over 60 languages, broadening your understanding and knowledge.
      • Excitingly, we have now introduced YouTube video processing, enabling you to generate assessments and summaries directly from YouTube videos.
  1. Monic Premium: Elevating Your Learning Experience
      • Take your learning to the next level with a monthly refill of 10,000 tokens, available at an affordable price of just $4.99 per month.
      • Seamlessly process up to 2000 pages, generating comprehensive summaries and insightful assessments.
      • Experience the Advanced Translation feature for faster and more accurate translations.
      • Plus, enjoy the full suite of features, including YouTube video processing for extracting valuable insights.
  1. Monic Ultimate: Unleashing Limitless Potential
      • Harness the full power of Monic.ai with a monthly refill of 25,000 tokens, priced at only $9.99 per month.
      • Process over 5000 pages effortlessly, enabling deep exploration of extensive study materials.
      • Benefit from lightning-fast and accurate translations with the Advanced Translation feature.
      • Unlock the potential of YouTube video processing, providing valuable assessments and summaries.

Estimating Token Usage:

To provide you with an idea of the token cost per page for each use case, we've created an estimation table below. Please note that these numbers are estimates, and actual token usage mayvary based on factors such as document complexity and language translation requirements.
Use Case
Token Cost per Page
Monic Basic (2500 tokens)
Monic Premium (10,000 tokens / month)
Monic Ultimate (25,000 tokens / month)
Generate Summary from 1-page source
~5 tokens
500 pages
2,000 pages
5,000 pages
Generate Assessment from 1-page source
~10 tokens
250 pages
1,000 pages
2,500 pages
Generate Assessment from 1-page source with Translation
~15 tokens
166 pages
666 pages
1,666 pages
We hope this table gives you a better understanding of the token allocation and usage for each tier. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.
To provide full transparency and keep you informed, we have implemented a dedicated page in your Monic.ai account that displays the history of each generation and its associated token cost. This way, you can easily track your token consumption and make informed decisions about your learning needs.
We deeply value the feedback and support we receive from our users. Your insights and suggestions have played a crucial role in shaping the evolution of our platform.We encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and ideas as we work tirelessly to enhance your learning experience.
As we continue to grow, we invite you to help us spread the word about Monic.ai. Share your experiences with friends, colleagues, and fellow learners who could benefit from our AI-powered learning companion.
Thank you for being a part of the Monic.ai community. We remain dedicated to your learning success and will continue to innovate to meet your evolving needs.
Wishing you endless learning and prosperity,
The Monic Team