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Ever felt overwhelmed by how much you need to read? Our AI Summarizer is here to help you get the core of long documents, reports, and even YouTube videos super fast. With's AI summarizer tool, you can condense time-consuming information sources into bullet points or paragraphs in seconds.
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Why You'll Love Our Summarizing Tool

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Fast Summaries

Get to the heart of any long text or video by turning them into paragraphs or bullet points in seconds.
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Summarize Anything

 PDFs, DOCX, audio recordings? We've got you covered. You can even summarize YouTube videos.
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Academic Quality

Choose from two advanced models for instant generation speed or unmatched quality and detail in summarizing.
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Secure and Private

We keep your documents private, always with enterprise-level protection in place. Everything in your account is safe.
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Smart Understanding

Our tool gets what the text or YouTube video is about, making sure you get summaries that make sense.
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100+ Languages

Generate a summary in over 100+ languages, regardless of the source language so you can study without boundaries.

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How to Use It:

Step 1: Upload a File or Paste any Text

Bring in a document or paste the text you want summarized.

Step 2: Pick your Summary Style

Tell us how you want your summary, from fast to great quality, language selection, and even format.

Step 3: Generate Summary

Click “Generate” and you're done! Your summary will be ready in seconds.

The Only AI Summarizer Tool you’ll Need

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Study Faster

Our state-of-the-art AI summarization tool can turn lectures into bite sized paragraphs in seconds. The AI summary generator can summarize text articles into bullet points or short paragraphs to fit your needs and save you hours.
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Research Anything

Get the key points from long research papers quickly with our article summarizer. Simply upload the sources and the summarizer will take care of the rest, helping you pack your essays with the best references and citations.
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Catch up on Lectures

Catch up or revise lectures in minutes. The summary tool can be used to transform long lecture recordings into concise paragraphs focusing on the best key points, saving students hours of rewatching and taking notes.

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Lehan S.

As a medical student with tons to cover, this tool has been a lifesaver. Using practice modes and the Pomodoro timer has not just improved my study habits but also my grasp of the material.
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Jorge G.

As an associate professor, I use it for my classroom and it is really great at summarizing texts, detecting central points and create quick exercises based on my content.
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Anna H.

I use this platform for my high school classes, and it's been a revelation. Turning lectures into quizzes and flashcards is quick and has made my students genuinely more engaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How accurate is it?'s online summary tool uses the most advanced models trainer on millions of academic and educational materials to ensure summarizing large amounts of text into concise paragraphs of text by picking the most important elements from the source.
Can it summarize anything?'s AI summary tool is not just an AI text summarizer. It can handle any format from documents such as PDFs, DOCs, PPTX, and more to YouTube video links, audio files, images, and even handwritten notes. 
Is the AI summarizer tool free to use?
You can use the free summary generator with a Monic Basic account at no cost. You can then choose to upgrade to a Monic Pro account if you need more tokens or access to the advanced model in the future.
What is
Our AI Summarizer is part of, a place where learning and studying become easier and more fun. The All-in-One study platform uses cutting-edge AI developed with students and educators in mind to optimize studying processes through tools such as AI text summarizers, Flashcard Makers, Quiz Generators, AI Tutors, Chat with your Files capabilities, and more.. It's all about making studying simple and effective, whether it's for school, work, or just learning new things. With our tools, you get bite-sized study materials that fit your life and help you learn better. Welcome to the future of studying!

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